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Welcome To Newzelanda Egypt

Breif About Newzelanda Egypt

The food industry is one of the strategic industries for people's lives, and food is divided into different sections, the most important of which is strategic food, which every family in the world cannot do without.

Hence, New Zealand Al-Haloub Food Industries Company began in 2010 a complete study of the Egyptian and Arab market and the needs of every household for ghee and its derivatives. This study continued for two years until the company was established in 2012 with entirely Egyptian investment and by a carefully selected elite in this field. We began work. Indeed, on the ground, and to achieve what we studied over the course of two years, the natural yellow New Zealand cow butter was chosen to be our title, as it is distinguished by its purity and high quality.

Starting work. Starting production. Starting to take over the Egyptian market. With our quality, we created the future for ourselves, and with our credibility, we became the strongest in several months and began to penetrate the Arab market in terms of spread. We exported our products to more than 14 Arab and European countries. We were distinguished by the multiplicity of our products and weights in order to meet all needs inside and outside Egypt, so we now own more than A diverse brand for natural ghee and its mixtures, and we have already become one of the influential companies in the markets, according to the testimony of specialists. In light of the continuous development in this field, and after extensive study, we launched our first factories outside Egypt, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia chose the industrial zone in Riyadh to be our first launch in manufacturing outside our expenses, in light of the continuous expansions. The company has conducted a full study to meet the needs of other sectors and has decided to launch two factories, the first in Egypt and the second in Riyadh, to produce natural butter and mixed butter with weights starting from 100 grams up to 1000 grams.

Our Mission

To provide the best products to all our customers, support and follow-up to obtain the highest quality products, development and entry into the various markets in the Arab and European countries.

Our Egyptian Products

30% natural New Zealand virgin ghee with a blend of the finest 70% Malaysian refined palm oil. This product is characterized by quality in terms of taste, smell and canary yellow colour.

This factor in males is called 750 grams, 1500 grams, 15 kilograms, 16 kilograms

12% natural Turkish cow ghee with a mixture of the finest types of refined Indonesian palm oil. It is characterized by superior quality and an ideal price. It is used in baked goods and home use for cooking and desserts. We have weights of 700 grams and 1400 grams.

20% Egyptian natural cow ghee with a mixture of the finest types of refined Malaysian palm oil. We have weights of 700 grams and 1400 grams.

100% pure vegetable ghee (refined, non-hydrogenated palm oil) is characterized by its golden color and the taste of natural cow butter, with an unparalleled flavor, superior quality, specially made for cooking, baking and sweets.

100% pure natural cow ghee extracted from French cow butter. French pastures are considered one of the best natural pastures in the world. It is distinguished by its pure golden color, attractive smell and wonderful taste. It is used in the manufacture of oriental sweets and food in general. We have weights of 700 grams and 1500 grams.