About Company

Newzelanda Al Halob

Breif About Newzelanda

We established it many years ago until we were here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We inaugurated our new edifice and started working already with the experience of the past years with the most accurate manufacturing technology. We started production at the New Zealand Alhalob Factory Global Manufacturing Company, which is one of the strongest factories of natural ghee and its mixtures.

view of the continuous development in this field and after a wide study, we launched our first factory outside Egypt. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was selected as the industrial zone in Riyadh as our first start in manufacturing outside Egypt.

Newzelanda Founders

Osama Galal is one of the main founders and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the New Zealand Dairy Egypt and Saudi Arabia group of companies. He is responsible for the group’s overall strategy, culture and key products, and also supervises the senior management team.

Adel Al-Judaie is a founding partner and CEO and participated in establishing the Saudi Arabia factory

Mohamed Jalal is the general manager of the Saudi factory and is responsible for strategic cooperation with major suppliers and market development throughout the Arab and European countries.

Our Mission

Providing the best products to all our customers, supporting, and following us to obtain products of the highest quality and development, and entering various markets in Arab and European countries. We started where others ended. Our factories operate with the latest industry technologies and all stages of production are automatic.